Self Storage
Access Control

An all-in-one access control solution for your self storage facility that gives you total control of your business from anywhere.

Features & Benefits

Our range of floorboards, handrails and staircases enables you to choose the mezzanine floor best suited for you.

  • Double your floor space to create extra revenue
  • Freestanding, to reduce the cost of building rates (only applies in the UK)
  • Designed with space maximisation in mind

Features & Benefits

An innovative cloud-based access control system designed exclusively for self storage facilities so you can have flexibility, durability, and premium security.

  • Access control gate keypads for every size and style of self storage facility
  • Manage customer access to your facility remotely and generate data to drive business intelligence
  • Grant your customers touchless entry with an app that lets them use their smartphone as a mobile keycard


Unlock a new level of security and convenience for your self storage facility with a range of access control options to suit your business.

Today, thousands of the world’s most successful self storage businesses have implemented this access control system to help them connect with their customers, simplify their operations, and grow their brand. The system is hosted on the cloud which means you don’t have to worry about computer issues or software updates. It also continues to operate even if your internet connection goes offline.

Self storage operators can access the cloud-based portal to manage their facilities from any browser, tablet, or mobile device, giving them complete control over their self storage facility from anywhere.