Self Storage
Smoke Detection & Fire Alarms

A range of fire alarms, smoke detection systems and fire extinguishers to ensure high levels of protection for you and your self storage facility.

Features & Benefits

Our range of floorboards, handrails and staircases enables you to choose the mezzanine floor best suited for you.

  • Double your floor space to create extra revenue
  • Freestanding, to reduce the cost of building rates (only applies in the UK)
  • Designed with space maximisation in mind

Features & Benefits

A fire safety system engineered to identify and notify occupants of fire Incidents within your self storage facility.

  • Compliant with British Standard BS5839
  • On hand team to offer advice and support in relation to the commissioning, installation and maintenance of fire systems
  • Fire alarm integration


Our range of smoke detection and fire alarms comprises of optical and ionisation smoke detectors, heat sensors, and multi-sensor alarms tailored for optimal functionality across the various sections of your premises.

Additionally, we provide interlinkable alarms, whether radio-linked or hard-wired, enabling you to establish a cohesive network for synchronized alerts throughout your building.

Each alarm in our range has been stringently tested and certified to the latest British Standards so you can be assured of their quality and reliability.