Self Storage
Security & Surveillance

A wide range of self storage security solutions so you can effectively monitor and protect your facility.

Features & Benefits

Our range of floorboards, handrails and staircases enables you to choose the mezzanine floor best suited for you.

  • Double your floor space to create extra revenue
  • Freestanding, to reduce the cost of building rates (only applies in the UK)
  • Designed with space maximisation in mind

Features & Benefits

Security solutions has become vital for many businesses, and the self storage industry is no exception. We'll ensure that your self storage business is safe and secure with the latest technology designed to monitor and avoid threats.

  • CCTV monitoring for deterrent of intruders
  • Designed to filter out false alarms
  • Light cameras with day/night image technology
  • Mobile connectivity to provide remote viewing
  • Can be installed as part of an existing system or as a standalone security application


We are proud to offer self storage business owners a comprehensive range of security solutions. We know that when looking to protect your business, you want access to the best security systems so you have peace of mind that your facility is fully protected.

Our security camera system is tailored to cater to the requirements of facilities, whether large or small, as well as businesses with multiple locations. Each camera can be linked together, allowing for the live video feed to be easily accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.

A remotely monitored CCTV system discourages intruders by issuing audio warnings and promptly engages key-holders or emergency services for immediate intervention, reducing the likelihood of risk and property damage to your self storage business.