Self Storage
Reception & Offices

First impressions count and, most certainly last. This is why it is crucial that your reception area is warm, and inviting and sets the right tone for the rest of your facility.

Features & Benefits

Incorporating a dedicated reception area and offices within your self storage facility offers a central hub to welcome customers, and provides opportunities to sell add-on products and services to help maximise profit.

  • Central hub
  • Welcome and greet customers
  • Showcase your facilities brand
  • Increase revenue by selling add-on products


Integral to any customer-facing business is a well-designed reception area. It provides a perfect place to welcome and greet your customers and effectively showcase your self storage facility and brand.

Providing a central hub, your reception area gives you the opportunity to sell add-on products such as padlocks, bubble wrap, parcel tape and insurance, which can secure up to an additional 12% in revenue. Working closely with specialist Access Control and CCTV suppliers, we also provide a range of comprehensive security solutions, giving your customers peace of mind and reassurance that their belongings are safe and secure.

As the industry continues to evolve and as flexible working rises, there has also been a high demand for additional business hubs and communal workspaces, which can also be hired out, providing another opportunity to secure additional revenue.

No matter the size of your space or your requirement, our trusted and experienced team of design and build experts have the ability, knowledge, and expertise to create attractive and welcoming communal spaces that set the tone for the rest of your facility.