Self Storage
Locks & Latches

We can provide you with the most popular locks and latches in the industry, ensuring maximum security for your self storage facility.

Features & Benefits

We have a range of self storage locks and latches available so you can protect your investment. Whether you are looking for a simple but robust lock or an automated latch, we have the perfect solution for you.

    • Long lasting with limited maintenance
    • Extensive product warranty
    • Ensure maximum security and protection


Our locks and latches will give you peace of mind by safeguarding valuable assets, belongings, and property.

Paris Latch
Available for both swing and roller doors, our Paris latch offers flexibility with uncompromised protection, guaranteed to provide maximum security.

Berlin Latch
Designed to be used on swing doors, Berlin latches are unintrusive, whilst providing a secure solution that effectively protects your customers belongings.

Automated Latch
An automated latch designed for easy installation and maintenance in a variety of different indoor and outdoor applications. The latch give your customers immediate access to their unit, conveniently on their terms, and takes the burden off of facility management teams.

Rigorously attack tested both in-house and independently, our high-security padlock range is designed to keep your property safe and secure.