Self Storage
Stacker Systems

Stacker systems are perfect when a full mezzanine floor is not practical. They can be installed on top of an existing foundation to increase the storage capacity by maximising the available vertical space.

Features & Benefits

Stacker systems are perfect when a mezzanine floor is not available. However, they can be installed on top of existing mezzanine floors to give additional storage options.

  • Add an extra floor without a full mezzanine
  • Rolling staircase
  • Space saving


Stacker systems are an ideal solution when you are unable to install mezzanine flooring due to height restrictions. These will allow you to maximise capacity when floor space is restricted.

Stacker systems can also be installed when mezzanine flooring is already in place, allowing you to add an additional storage level in the centre of a pitched roof.

As leading stacker system designers and installation specialists, we ensure that our systems are manufactured to the highest quality, adhering to the UK and European safety limits and standards.