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We offer a wide range of accessories including, Kicker and Wall Guards, Soffit Panels, Security Mesh, and Padlocks.

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Start your self-storage journey today. Choose from our wide range of products and create your own bespoke facility design with our free online self-storage unit visualiser tool.

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Taking our time to understand your exact needs and requirements, we consult with you on all areas of your project, advising on the specific services and solutions needed to bring your self-storage vision to reality. Whatever your project size, we have the industry knowledge, skill and expertise to deliver a facility that delivers in every way.

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Kicker and wall guards

Providing protection against trolley damage within corridors, our kicker and wall guards are available in Chequer Plate Aluminium, Bright Propeller Plate Aluminium or Galvanised Steel, with a standard height of 300 mm or any height up to a maximum of 1,250 mm.

Corner guards

Available in Chequer Plate Aluminium, Bright Propeller Plate Aluminium or Galvanised Steel, corner guards have a standard height of 1,250 mm and can also be increased to the height of a full partition system if required.

Soffit Panels

Fitted in corridors below high roof voids, soffit panels not only reduce the amount of lighting required but also can eliminate the need for expensive cable trunking and hide unsightly roofs. Standard size 800 x 2500 mm.

Security mesh

Provides security to storage units underneath raised ceilings and conforms to fire safety regulations for smoke ventilation.

Features & Benefits

Our range of floorboards, handrails and staircases enables you to choose the mezzanine floor best suited for you.

  • Double your floor space to create extra revenue
  • Freestanding, to reduce the cost of building rates (only applies in the UK)
  • Designed with space maximisation in mind


Floor SpaceMinimum 3m x 3mMaterials Steel structure with floor decking T&G chipboard 38mm thick, as standard

Product Overview

As leading self-storage experts, Kuboid have been successfully designing and constructing mezzanine floors as well as bespoke multi-tier mezzanines since 2005.

A raised platform independent from a building’s structure, a mezzanine floor is an ideal solution when your facility has limited floor space, helping to increase the space efficiency and overall capacity.

By optimising the internal height of a self-storage facility to accommodate a mezzanine floor, operators benefit from an increased Net Lettable Area, without having to acquire additional buildings or relocate.

Designed specifically for self-storage applications, our mezzanine floors are manufactured from the highest quality materials, durably designed to last. With a wide range of floorboards, handrails, and staircases available the look and feel of your mezzanine can also be tailored specifically to your requirements, with a selection of colours available to compliment your self-storage brand.

Having designed, manufactured and installed a number of mezzanine floor structures across the UK and Europe, our expert team have gained extensive knowledge and experience of both application as well as country dependant regulations, giving you the peace of mind that we have the skill and know-how to deliver.