Egg Box Storage

Business partners convert old chicken shed into smart self storage facility


Location: Middle Aston, England
Website: Click Here
Range of Unit Sizes: 40 sq ft to 150 sq ft
Door Colour: Tangerine Orange
Door Trim colour: White

Scope of works:

  • Partitions
  • Design
  • Consultancy
  • Aftercare
  • Floor painting
  • Soffit panels
  • Door trims
  • Security mesh
  • Kicker guards

Egg Box Storage is a recently established self storage facility situated in Middle Aston, conveniently located off the A4260 between Oxford and Banbury.

Charles and Patrick, business partners and property experts acquired an estate of 11 farm buildings, which they have since successfully transformed into professional rental spaces for business owners. The estate is home to a variety of businesses, including florists, art galleries, a cafe and a wellness centre. Charles and Patrick decided to keep one unit vacant for themselves and after some research, they approached Kuboid, a well-known industry favourite, to redevelop the old chicken shed into a self storage facility to increase their overall revenue.

The Kuboid team faced multiple challenges during the project due to the overall condition of the chicken shed. During the site survey, Kuboid discovered that the floor was damp, and they were uncertain whether the water was coming from the ceiling or the floor. To identify the source of the leak, Kuboid’s Project Management team placed cling film on the floor overnight, which helped them determine that the leak was due to condensation from the floor.

Despite the challenges that come with transforming an old building, the fit-out was completed in just two weeks. Charles and Patrick were over the moon with the high-quality self storage facility and decided to personally write Kuboid a thank you letter.

“Kuboid genuinely care about the project.”

-Charles and Patrick, Egg Box Storage