Shurgard Self Storage

Kuboid partners with the largest developer, owner and operator of self storage facilities in Europe


Location: London Euston, England
Website: Click Here
Range of Unit Sizes: 8 sq ft to 100 sq ft
Door Colour: Goosewing Grey
Door Trim colour: White

Scope of works:

  • Partitions
  • Mezzanine
  • Electrics
  • Aftercare

“It feels like a long-term partnership with Kuboid”

– David Ross, UK Construction Manager at Shurgard

Shurgard Self Storage is the largest developer, owner and operator of self storage facilities in Europe and has more than 260 storage locations. Recently, the self storage giant acquired multiple sites across the London area, including a competitor facility based in Euston.

When Shurgard acquired the Euston facility, the only undercapitalised area was the basement. After 18 months of trading, the company decided to investigate building additional storage units within the basement. However, due to the uneven concrete floor, the pipework, sprinklers and drainage systems, adding additional units would be challenging.

Through Shurgard’s recent site acquisitions, the company came to know of Kuboid, and decided to reach out.

The original plan was to build directly on the concrete slope leading into the basement, but instead, Kuboid thought of a 3-step mezzanine concept. Kuboid decided that the best option would be to build 3 mini mezzanine platforms, ensuring the units are level and safe for the end user.

The project came with multiple challenges, not just the concrete ramp. There were various drainage man-holes, pipes, and pre-existing sprinklers on the site, so the Kuboid installation team had to find alternative solutions that didn’t compromise the net lettable area.

When completing the final checks, Shurgard’s UK Construction Manager and two company executives walked around the site. They were impressed with the quality, and how the project’s complexity had been handled.

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“If it had been another company who had just agreed with us and gone with the original plan, we would not have had such an integrated installation.”

- David Ross, UK Construction Manager