Greenfrog Movers

Removals company saw an opportunity to invest in self
storage and is thrilled with the premium facility


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Location: Oakham, England
Range of Unit Sizes: 15 sq ft to 175 sq ft
Door Colour: Forest Green
Door Trim colour: White

Scope of works:

  • Partitions
  • Electrics
  • Mezzanine
  • Fire protection
  • Building regulations
  • Consultancy

Project Summary

Charles and Charlie, long-time friends of over 20 years, took the opportunity to take over Greenfrog Movers in 2021. They decided to expand the business after being inspired by their customers’ growing interest in storage options for their belongings.

Both admitted that they didn’t know much about the self storage industry, so they needed their hands holding through the process.

Charles and Charlie reached out to a handful of self storage construction experts and were impressed by Kuboid’s quick response to understand their requirements. A site survey was quickly arranged so both parties could meet in person, which was important to the customers and Kuboid. Charles and Charlie appreciated Kuboid’s proactive approach and decided to partner with them to start their journey into self storage.

The building they acquired was once an old warehouse which was ideal for their first facility. Kuboid designed a layout which consisted of two floors. Charlie and Charles explained that they were unsure if they wanted to finance both floors simultaneously, so Kuboid offered their expertise and guidance and advised them to build the project in phases to help with the financial planning process.

Kuboid finished the build in just four weeks, and Charles and Charlie were thrilled that they could move customers in so quickly. Since project completion, the store has been a huge success, and Charles and Charlie recommend Kuboid highly to all self storage newbies.

“Kuboid were really helpful with the financial planning process. They told us that we could phase the project, and this allowed us to be clear with financing. Building one floor at a time,
opposed to two floors at once allowed us to stagger the costs.”

- Charles and Charlie, Owners