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Arden Self Storage

Location: Solihull
Door colour: Forest Green
Door frame colour: White

The store was originally built in 2006 and we carried out the works on unit extension in June 2014.

The facility was built on a former cattle shed and Mr Cooks was determined to build the best facility possible, almost regardless of costs. We therefore knew from the onset that the quality of the installation had to be equal to Mr Cook’s expectations, if not better. We were therefore delighted to have been rewarded with the contract for the extension.

  • 2-tier mezzanine supply and installation
  • fire protection
  • staircases and stair enclosures
  • chequer plate corner guards
  • chequer plate kicker guards
  • chequer plate wall guards
  • security roof mesh
  • soffit panels
  • aluzinc filler angles