We are incredibly proud at Kuboid to share that we’re stepping up our efforts on the climate crisis and we’ve become a Carbon Neutral organisation. Our journey to this point has required commitment from all areas of our business, joining to drive down our emissions in a sustainable and responsible way.

What does Carbon Neutral mean?

Being certified carbon neutral means that we’ve calculated how much carbon we emit as a business (our ‘carbon footprint’), and have reduced this to zero through a combination of reducing our emissions internally and supporting external carbon ‘balancing’ projects.

Responsible offsetting

We’re backing forestry projects to offset our carbon footprint, supporting Reforestation, Deforestation Prevention and Woodland Management Projects which have a strong focus on having a positive impact on the local wildlife, ecology, and biodiversity.

Recently supported projects include preventing deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest, reforestation after wildfires in Australia, as well as woodland planting in the UK.

Our staff and customers continue to be proud that we are a Carbon Neutral company and are proud of the work we do to support environmental and sustainable development around the world.

This isn’t the end…as part of our carbon reduction journey, we’ll continue to work hard to fight climate change.