Self Storage Solutions


Our durable, high-gloss white partitions form the base structure of each storage unit and provide a fantastic first impression for your customers

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Doors & Latches

All our doors are manufactured entirely from steel with strength and durability in mind and accommodate the most popular locks and latches in the industry, ensuring maximum security.

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Kuboid - Container Self Store - Mezzanine


Our mezzanine floors offer an effective solution for creating additional space and can easily double the floor area of your facility to maximise your storage capacity

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Stacker Systems

Stacker systems are perfect when a full mezzanine floor is not practical. They can be installed on top of an existing foundation to increase the storage capacity by maximising the available vertical space

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Reception & Offices

First impressions count and, most certainly last. This is why it is crucial that your reception area is warm, and inviting and sets the right tone for the rest of your facility

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Available in various sizes, lockers are a great way to fill small areas and maximise space, and are particularly popular with students to store goods out of term time

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External Storage Units

Whether you’re new to the industry, want to start small, or have unused land that you want to utilise, our external storage units provide a flexible and cost-effective solution

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We offer a wide range of accessories including, Kicker and Wall Guards, Soffit Panels, Security Mesh, and Padlocks

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R&D & Innovation

At Kuboid we understand the importance of innovation. We invest in R&D, in particular how technology can be leveraged to automate access and security, in turn, deliver better value for you and your customers

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