When we look at successful businesses one thing stands out – they truly value their employees. They believe that people are the heart of a business. They know that employees are essential factors in any organisation’s success. We believe that at Kuboid, it’s all about creating a positive atmosphere where everyone can flourish. When you prioritise the well-being of your team members, your company not only achieves its goals but also enjoys the abundant rewards that come with it.

Always encourage innovation and creativity from your team

We always welcome diverse perspectives and experiences because we know this helps create a strong foundation for growth, and can even lead to a generation of new concepts. It’s important to encourage your team to think outside of the box and give them the time and resources to explore new areas for innovative ideas.

Your people are your biggest resource and can affect public perception of your brand

Employees play a crucial role in delivering excellent customer service. They are the face of the business, interacting directly with customers, so they must be appreciated and recognised as they are more likely to go above and beyond to meet customer needs and expectations. A recent report by Invoca shows that 76% of consumers would stop doing business with a company after just one bad customer experience. Your customers’ interactions with your employees are critical to your brand reputation!

Company culture is essential, so invest in it!

COVID-19 had a significant impact on company culture by sparking phenomena such as the “Great Resignation,” the surge in hybrid and remote work positions and offering people the opportunity to evaluate how their work positively or negatively affected their lives. An engaging culture leads to higher retention rates, which saves time and money. When employees are connected to a mission, and feel like a genuine part of the team they tend to work more diligently, be mindful of deadlines and encouraged to stay loyal.

Our team’s commitment, hard work, and passion are instrumental in maintaining our reputation as innovative and reliable self storage experts. This is why your people are the heart of your business.

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